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Here at the Center of Hope Church, our main goal is to bring others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We believe strongly in the Great Commission which says, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19). 


We encourage you to look through our ministries in place to reach others and to find your place to get involved!

Local Missions:

Here at the Center of Hope Church, we have many ministries in place to reach those lost in our own county. We have two other churches that have been planted to reach those in other areas. We have a Center of Hope Church campus in Tennessee, and a church in Roanoke Alabama, Sword of the Spirit. We encourage you to check out our MINISTRIES page to find out the many ways that we are reaching out to the lost in our community.

Tanzania Missions:

We believe in reaching the lost all over the world. Our missions Pastor is Keith Screws. He is also the missions coordinator for the country of Tanzania through e3 Partners. Last year alone, six members of our church answered the call to go to Tanzania and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We were blown away by the way that God moved last year in Tanzania. Over 17,000 people were saved and over 50 churches were planted. Our church was burdened for these people who were saved and purchased a bible for each one of these new believers. We were also able to start 10 libraries in Tanzania.


You can get involved in all that God is doing by GOING, PRAYING, or GIVING. If you decide to go, there are many ministry opportunities that you can get involved with. In Tanzania, the following ministries have been established:


-Women's Ministry

-Men's Ministry

-Children's Ministry

-Community Transformation

-Pastorial Training

-I Am Second


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